Top 10 fastest-selling second-hand cars

Without getting too hung up on the nitty gritty, here are the top 10 fastest-selling second-hand cars.

1. Ford Fiesta 1.4 Ambiente

The Ford Fiesta seems like a go-to choice for second-hand buyers. Both the 1.4 Ambiente and Trend models sell well, but it’s the former that races out of dealerships faster than anything else that’s listed on our site. There was a fair number sold over the last 3 months with the 5-door appearing the most popular. The average list price was R96 438 for the Ambiente with the Trend at R118 124. Average time to sell a Fiesta on our site? Just 3 days.

2.   Volkswagen Polo Vivo 1.4

According to new vehicle sales statistics, the Polo Vivo is often South Africa’s top-selling passenger car. The second-hand market wants them too. Average time listed: 6 days for a Conceptline and 20 days for a 1.4 Trendline. The 1.4 Trendline is a more popular model, selling 3 times as many as the 1.4 Conceptline. Resale value looks to hold up reasonably well, with the average list price of R110 200.

3. Toyota Hilux double cab

Most months, the Hilux is South Africa’s most popular new vehicle. In the second-hand market, buyers appear to like the petrol 2.7 Raider double cab model. It took on average just 7 days to sell one. At R179 938 a pop it seems like a lot of bakkie for your money.

4. Hyundai ix35

Hyundai’s SUV has been a bit of a sales revelation for the Korean brand over the last decade. Second-hand buyers lean towards the 2.0 Executive model as a favourite. Over the last 3 months, it has taken just 9 days to shift one off a dealer’s floor. The average price for one is R194 960.

5. Nissan NP200 1.6

The small business bakkies (also known as half-tonners, although their carrying capacities are usually much more than that) are popular used car buys. The Nissan NP200 sold well over the 3 month period, possibly a good sign for small businesses around SA. It takes around 11 days to sell an NP200, at an average list price of R119 846.

6. Volkswagen Polo

There are a lot of Polos listed on, so competition for prospective buyers’ attention is tough. Some can stay listed for a long time, but the Polo GTI is the fastest selling model, just. It takes about 15 days to complete the sale of a Polo GTI at an average price of R228 332. The Polo 1.4 Comfortline is just behind it, taking just 16 days to sell, but at a price of R138 475.

7. Toyota Corolla Quest 1.6

Uber drivers keep a keen eye out for this popular city taxi as it lists for around 18 days before being sold. Popularity of this old Corolla appears to be quite high as the resale value remains strong. The Corolla Quest sells for around R173 249 and will take about 18 days to sell.

8. Hyundai i20 1.2

The i20 has become a very popular car on the local front. It appears to be quite reliable and Hyundai’s build quality has improved vastly over the last decade. Average time to sell: 19 days, and average listed price: R171 692.

9. Hyundai i10 1.1

Hyundai’s smallest car still appears to be a popular one. Buyers seem to trust what the Korean brand has manufactured over the last decade and believe in its reliability. Average time to sell: 20 days, and average listed price: R86 433.

10. Hyundai Tucson 2.0

If you were in any doubt as to what brand flies off the dealership floors, then this should settle it for you. The latest generation Hyundai Tucson is one of SA’s best-selling SUVs and buyers are out there looking for low mileage, young models. The naturally aspirated 2.0 Premium Auto is the popular choice, selling in just 22 days at an average price of R339 900.

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